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PROMO COPIES! Lady Lloyd - Guitar Queens PART 2 LTD. CD SINGLE

PROMO COPIES! Lady Lloyd - Guitar Queens PART 2 LTD. CD SINGLE


PROMO COPIES! Lady Lloyd - Guitar Queens PART 2 LTD. CD SINGLE

We found a box with some radio promo CDs in! This title has long been out of stock, but we have a VERY limited amount of promo copies available; they are the same as the released CD, but are not numbered, and have a "PROMO ONLY" label. First come, first served - when they're gone, they're gone!


Lady Lloyd - Guitar Queens (Part 2)

BGP Records

Following the rapturous reception that the debut release on Boy George's new label BGP Records (Boy George Presents) received, we have decided to release the original version of DJ Lady Lloyd's "Guitar Queens" in addition to the previous Replicant remixes.

A numbered CD is now available to preorder (limited to just 125 copies, featuring exclusive artwork hand drawn by none other than Boy George himself.


DJ Lady Lloyd, also known as Paul Dixon is well known face around London clubs and regularly spins the decks and swirls around the dance floors of Soho and the Greater London district. 

This collaboration with Boy George is his second stab at twisted pop. The first being the Bleach anthem "No Ambition" which was written after a conversation at Paris fashion week. No Ambition is currently being disfigured by German dance producer Roland Faber and will soon join "Guitar Queens" on the dance floor and as a future pop flea in your ear. Guitar Queens is out to coincide with Australia's Mardi Gras. Let's just say Mardi Gras, meet the gayest dance tune since "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real" 

Lady Lloyd is a quipster with punky ethics and quite a few pairs of broken heels. She/he (you decide) has modeled for Vivienne Westwood and appeared in "Drag Queens Of London" but this is her finest hour. Until the next one. 


P&P free to mainland UK



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